To Invite Family and Friends just follow the information below

If you will like to invite anyone to church, please contact the church office with their contact details and we will follow them up.

If any of your family and friends will like to come to church and want to speak to someone before they come, that will be great and we have people who will speak to them before they take that step of coming to church.

As the church expands there are times some of our brothers and sisters miss out on some of the services and sometime the Pastors and Leaders of the church are not aware of this. So in the light of that we will like to encourage you to be your brothers and sisters keepers, so we don’t loose any of the flock that God has given us.

When you don’t see a brother or sister in church for more than 1 week, it becomes our corporate responsibility to draw them back in the fellowship of Solution.

If a brother or sister has fallen ill and you are aware of it, please make the church office aware as soon as possible so that they can be visited.

Please call 01293 885 000


We are waiting to hear from you